Famous People That Have Been Victims of Image Hacking

The intimate photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, which were reported by hackers, light alarms about computer security.

Photos of HV sex celebrities of the cinema, the Tv and music, still spreading through social networks at the speed of the morbid. Some images are real — other mounts. In both cases, an attack on privacy and a campaign to alert that reveals the vulnerability of applications that were believed to be safe. The much-talked-about case has been that of the winner of the Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), because not only was published hot pictures of him but say hackers have possession of explicit videos and more than 60 selfies nude actress. Were not spared this scandal Rihanna, supermodel Kate Upton, the pop singer Avril Lavigne and actress Heroes Hayden Panettiere, all of them victims of hackers who had illegal access to their accounts from iCloud, storage of cloud data offered by Apple, according to Mashable page.

This image hack was also used on one fake casino site, where hackers stole valuable information from users before it was discovered. That is why you should always use legal and regulated gaming sites like the Nordic casino, for which you can read more at BonusSansDepot.ca and always check if the encryption is secure before you share your valuable information.

The biggest difficulty is that people are taking this kind of photos, stored them on mobile devices to which it is relatively easy to access. If the user is neglected and has easy passwords to hackers, it is very easy to invade. Jennifer Lawrence’s is just one example, is not the first and won’t be the last time to pass, said analyst Victor Solano.Twitter has threatened to close the accounts of who share the images, while representatives of the stars announced demands. However, for analysts such as Solano, the damage is already done. Cancel accounts will not make the images disappear. Those concerned insist: this is a flagrant violation of privacy. We contacted the authorities and Iran behind anyone who publishes stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence, said his agent, who confirmed the authenticity of the photos. And the own Lawrence said via Twitter: is so strange and hard how people can take your privacy.
Meanwhile, the actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead horror cinema confirmed that they were photos and tweeted about: those who are looking at the pictures I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, I hope that you will feel well. And he added: knowing that these photos were deleted long ago, only can imagine the twisted effort that involved to do this. At the same time, Carlos García, an expert on social networks, concludes: the responsibility lies with the platform because it does not provide sufficient security to protect the user.

Famous People That Have Been Victims of Image Hacking

The recommendation for users is: do not archive photos or videos potentially compromising on mobile devices, mailings, electronic or web storage services. And do not disseminate, in networks, images that injured the privacy of others. Ariana GrandeLa actress, singer and American composer took advantage of the social network Twitter to deny the nude photos were their own, claiming that they were the mounts. He tweeted about the account of his followers @Arianasins and said: Devils, praying for people who believe that I am. I’m dying of laughter. My little butt is much more beautiful than that. Singer Rihanna has not acted, and surely will not because it did not hesitate to share your half-naked photos, which ended in the closure of your account in Instagram last May. Its last song is August 30th, and in career, support thanked his followers: thanks to all who have supported me over the years. I can’t believe, already nine years! Former Nickelodeon star Victoria JusticeLa fought back on his Twitter account: people, these so-called naked mine, are false. With this, short root topic right now. Young celebrity is 21 years old when she had her images hacked and on the alleged images shown covering the bust with the arm and the photo is a selfie product. Hayden Panettiere actress who currently are pregnant and awaiting the arrival of a child, as revealed on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, also was the victim of hackers. Neither his agent nor it, have spoken through their Twitter account @haydenpanettier. The last warble is August 25, by the Emmy. Avril Lavigne Canadian singer awards gala already it has given to talk about on account of their photos. Among the most memorable are those of last year, when she posed topless for Maxim magazine. He was also the dam of the paparazzi, who photographed her with his fallen bikini while enjoying a day at the beach in Malibu. In his Twitter account has tornado nothing since last Sunday when he spoke of his Hello Kitty video.

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